The Zlatá huta Company offers production of gold, silver and non-ferrous metals medals in 2D and 3D design. We can help you implement your designs up to delivery of finished medals. Our capacities will comfortably provide for small-batch requirements (approximately 100 to 1,000 pc). Considering the originality of every single project, it is necessary to communicate with the Company’s professional staff.


ZH Representative medal Ø32; Ag 99,9; year 2003; proof

Casposs Ø32; Ag 925; proof

Wedding medal Ø32; Au 986/Ag 925; proof

School reunion Ø40; Ms silver-plated

Visit of the Queen of England Ø35; Au 986; Ag925; set 1+1; proof

Axess Ø32; Ms gold-plated

Gold coin Ø32; Ms gold-plated, silver-plated, Zlatá huta – Sponsor of the “Competition of Financial Products of the SR”

Successful heart transplant Ø40; Ms + patina finish

Billa Ø50; Ms gold-plated, silver-plated

Assay Office of the SR Ø50; Ag 99,9; representative medal of the PUSR; proof

Coronation of B. Polívka Ø50; Ms gold-plated

Eurovia Ø40; Ms gold-plated

Kremnica Gags Ø40; Ms gold-plated, silver-plated

Jeep shopping cart jetton – stainless steel

Historical MEDALS

Lucky taler of Trenčín Ø20; Ø25; Ø35; Ø40; Au986; Au925; Ms; Cu; proof

“Peace of Bratislava” Ø40; Au 986; Ag 925; proof

M.R. Štefánik - T.G. Masaryk Ø70; Au 986; Ag 925; proof

Rákoczi Ø40; Ag 986; Ag 925; proof

M.R. Štefánik - T.G. Masaryk Ø34; Au 986; Au925; proof

180 years of Slavonic Mutuality Ø35; Au 986; Ag 925; proof

Set of 4pc - Eurodukát Ø34; Au986; Ag925; proof

Gulden Franz József Ø29; Au 986; Ag 925; Cu; proof

Set of 7pc - Renaissance Ø32; Au 986; Ag 925; proof

Set of 7pc - Baroque Ø32; 3x Au 986; 4x Ag 925; proof