Thanks to the experience gained during 20 years of processing and business practice, we can offer you a wide range of high quality jewelry alloys in various designs. Metallurgical semi-products (sheets, rails, wires …) are manufactured implementing modern technologies and complying with the relevant technical standards.

Our standard offer corresponds with your requirements – color, fineness, shape (sheet, rail, wire, solder …), as well as the final physical state according to the annealing stage. We can further process your materials following your requirements for accurate weighing, accurate cutting, etc. Moreover, we offer a wide range of caps, components, mechanicals and chains.

The broader offer contains granulated material, alloyed pastils for vacuum casting, and rhodiating of jewelry while you wait. Jewelry blanks can be prepared for you recycling your material or through direct sale.

We have prepared a broad base of gold and silver jewelry blanks and we are ready to satisfy you with the production quality, favorable prices, speed of deliveries and high level of the services offered.

Contact our professional staff for more specific information about prices, delivery period, technical parameters etc.